Home Solution FAQ 2018-08-21T10:09:41+00:00

Home Solution FAQ

Is the Home Solution safe to use? 2018-06-12T07:59:33+00:00

Provided that the Home Solution Instruction Manual is followed the product is safe to use.  As with the use of any cleaning solutions its always necessary to wash down any treated areas.

How many days will it take to remove pinking using the Home Solution? 2018-06-12T07:46:45+00:00

The Home Solution, when applied during warm or hot sunny days, and if the treated areas are directly exposed to sunlight, can fully eliminate Pinking with 5 coats applied over a 2-3 day period.  In fact, under these conditions the pink stains will almost be fully eliminated by the second day but, even if it appears gone, all the coats need to be applied to guard against relapse of the Pinking.

Can the pink stain return? 2018-06-12T07:39:30+00:00

If properly prepared and then treated the same pink stain will not return in the same location where it was treated by the Home Solution or the commercial Halotron solution.

Can the bacteria which causes visible pinking in one area travel to other locations in the vinyl? 2018-06-12T07:41:25+00:00

The bacteria which causes Pinking is everywhere. It’s in the air, in soil, and in the water. Because of this combined with the fact there are seems and other ways for the bacteria to enter cushions there is a continual risk that the bacteria could infect other parts of the cushion.