Original Equipment Manufacturers

Claim Avoidance Program

If you manufacture boats or cushions  then you not only know how damaging Pinking can be to a boat but you also know it wreaks similar havoc on your business. Replacing just a few cushions on a boat can cost your business thousands of dollars and result in an upset customer without a usable boat for weeks. With the Claims Avoidance Program (CAP), Gestalt Scientific can drop ship a PinkAway Home Solution package to your customers or dealers and quickly address the problem. Isn’t that better than removing your customer’s cushions, paying for the re-upholstery and telling them they have to wait a month?

Secure and Improve Your Brand Value

At Gestalt we understand that Pinking is a costly problem in several dimensions for your business.  Acquiring and keeping customers is the most important thing your company does. When a customer gets Pinking on a product you or your dealer sold to them, unless you act quickly, your brand takes a hit. By becoming a member of the Gestalt CAP program you can reinforce the value of your brand as being responsive to your customer’s pain.

Increase Sales

When you know with confidence that you can treat Pinking warranty or support claims quickly and inexpensively then it allows you to think creatively about how to improve your warranty or pinking support ticket approach. If you are offering to cover Pinking or improve the way in which you cover it today then you will be arming your dealers or sales reps with a way to differentiate your brand and products.

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