Problem and Solution Overview

With the introduction of Gestalt Scientific’s innovative Pinking cure, for the first time, “pink mold” or “Pinking” stains, which have been a worldwide plague to boat owners since vinyl was introduced in the 1940-‘s, can now be safely and quickly removed.

Pinking comes from a hardy and common bacteria that reproduces inside the boat’s cushion and, regardless of effort, cannot be wiped or scrubbed off from the cushion’s surface using traditional cleaning solutions. This is because the Pinking stain, much like an inkblot on a shirt, is not just on the surface but is soaked all the way through the vinyl fabric. Until now, boat owners were left with little choice but to replace the seats, at great cost, or live with the unsightly stains.

Pinking is worldwide.  Because the bacteria which causes Pinking is found on all continents the conditions which result in this bacteria thriving are a result of conditions in the boat and the surrounding environment.  The bacteria require three conditions to thrive:  water, food, and warmth.  Pinking is possible on any boat whose cushions have been wet for an extended period of time in a warm area and offers up a food source for the bacteria such as oils from suntan lotion.

Gestalt Scientific’s PinkAway solution was created from a three-year research and development effort to specifically solve the Pinking problem.  This amazing product is made possible from an innovative applicator which contains a patented chemical agent that works with the sun to eliminate your pinking.  It’s simple and safe to use and, with five coats or applications, will eliminate Pinking in just a few days.  PinkAway is sold directly to boat owners or resold through boat service centers and dealers.