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PA-18 Treatment Agent

lab-scientistsPA-18 Treatment Agent is a patent pending liquid which is designed to work in tandem with the Halotron Pink Away Commercial System treatment device to eradicate Pinking on vinyl fabric. PA-18 in combination with the Halotron was developed by our engineers over several years with thousands of tests and field trials on hundreds of stained vinyl cushions with Pinking.

PA-18 is specially formulated to safely penetrate deep into vinyl fabric where, in combination with the Halotron device, they can both deliver a knock out punch to the Pinking stains. The PA-18 agent is not only effective against Pinking, which is a by-product of a bacteria, it also kills the bacteria where the stain is being treated.PA18-Description

PA-18 is applied to the stained area with a self contained cartridge several times over a 60 minute treatment period. The application of PA18 takes seconds and after approximately  just 10 minutes under the Halotron much of the stain will be gone.