PinkAway™ Solution

PinkAway Applicator

PinkAway™ is a permanent solution for pinking, or “pink mold”, on your boat’s vinyl cushions. PinkAway™ consists of an innovative, self-contained, easy to use, applicator containing a patented chemical agent that, when applied in direct sunlight, will permanently and quickly eliminate your boat’s pinking.  It’s that simple.

Traditional cleaning products are ineffective against pinking because they are applied to the surface of the cushion but pinking, and the bacteria that create the problem, originate deep inside the cushion with the pink or red stain wicking up through your vinyl.  This is why traditional products are ineffective.   PinkAway™ is designed to go all the way through the vinyl and annihilate the Pinking along with the bacteria, under the stain, which causes it.