Boat Service Providers

Grow Revenue & Add New Customers

If your business is a marina, a boat dealer, boat storage, detailer, or you service boats in any way then don’t miss out on the best new opportunity in the marine business. With a PinkAway system you can generate additional service revenue by being the first to solve a 50 year old problem while you differentiate your company from your competitors. By being the first one in your market to offer a Pinking service you will expand your geographical reach resulting in new customers who will travel further to solve their problem.

Large Untapped Market

One out of every four boats that you service may have Pinking on them. The expense to replace cushions can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks or months while the entire time the boat is likely out of service. With the Pink Away System you can eliminate the Pinking at a fraction of the replacement cost and have your customer’s boat back to them the same day.

Proven ROI

The ROI for a PinkAway System is compelling with some of our customers seeing the system pay for itself many times over in the first year. Imagine being able to deploy a new profitable service to possibly 25% of your customers that fixes a nagging problem for them that only you can provide!

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