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With the introduction of Gestalt Scientific’s commercial PinkAway Treatment System and the
PinkAway Home Solution, for the first time, the “pink mold” or “pinking” stains, which have
been a worldwide plague to boat owners since vinyl was introduced, can now be safely and quickly

Marine Pinking is found worldwide and is caused by the metabolic waste from a particular bacteria which multiplies inside the boat’s cushion. Regardless of effort it cannot be wiped or scrubbed from the surface using traditional cleaning solutions. This is because the Pinking stain, much like an ink blot on a shirt, is not just on the surface but is soaked all the way through the vinyl fabric. Until now, boat owners were left with little choice but to replace the cushions at great cost or live with the unsightly stains.

Gestalt offers a set of patented solutions which can eliminate Pinking stains.: One is a do-it-yourself solution called PinkAway Home Solution and the other is a commercial system called PinkAway Treatment System. They both are the culmination of three years of R&D.

Commercial Solution

The commercial PinkAway Treatment System eliminates all Pinking in approx. 60 minutes and consists of two components which work in tandem: the Halotron treatment unit and a special chemical agent called PA-18. The Halotron utilizes a powerful computer control system that relies on sophisticated sensors and proprietary lights to activate Gestalt Scientific’s patent pending PA-18 cleaning agent which is applied to the vinyl. The Halotron, together with the PA-18 agent, can entirely and safely remove “pinking” stains in 60 minutes. The Halotron is rugged, light weight, portable and, although powerful, is so easy to use anyone can be an expert.

Home Solution

The consumer PinkAway Home Solution is a DIY treatment solution which the boat owner can purchase and apply to their vinyl cushions over a period of days and requires the sun to activate it. It I safe and easy to use because it is a special chemical which is dispensed through an advanced cartridge delivery system.